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Bill Whiting is a vision-impaired artist, designer, and craftsman who produces intricately detailed artwork in spite of the challenges he faces with his eyesight. Bill has designed and executed large-scale murals for several hospitals, including Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, which landed him an appearance on the TODAY Show. 

Whiting has been the subject of two separate profiles on HGTV highlighting his skills both as a painter and architectural model builder. One of his elaborate dollhouses is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. 

Bill has illustrated a children’s book, Wings of Love, (Green Tiger Press / Simon & Schuster) and his artwork has appeared in a variety of publications, including the New York Times and Architectural Digest. 

In 2013 Bill published his first book, 'An Early Work Late in Life a memoir about his "hippie" years living with his first partner, artist Danny Allen. Bill is best known for his presentation portraits of notable Philadelphians, many of which hang in historic buildings throughout the city, including America’s first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital. 


A Word or Two About the Man facing the Wrong Direction

Bill Whiting and his partner, Eric Wignall, currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Bill pursues his artwork, community activism and his writing. 

Bill's first book, 'An Early Work Late in Life' (The Art and Life of Danny Allen) is available on Amazon.

Bill's second book, 'The Planet is Bipolar' is a collection of short stories is still in progress.

An Early Work Late in Life is available on Amazon

An Early Work Late in Life is the true story of the life and untimely death of an exceptionally talented young artist named Daniel Arthur Allen. When one of Dan's mysterious, jewel-like paintings was discovered in the vault of a major museum nearly four decades after his death, artist Bill Whiting began to write about his life with Danny in Rochester, New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the sexual revolution, drugs, gay liberation and antiwar protests made everyday life anything but predictable. 

Sometimes raucous, sometimes heartbreaking, An Early Work late in Life, is a tribute to a wonderful, quirky and gentle young man who might have been a little too good for this world--and whoi believed he could exit this life and move on to a better one all on his own.

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